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Pauline & Mark Masuhr, Broomfield, CO August 25, 2018  We met Ben today at the art festival in Evergreen, CO. To us, his work by far stood out from the other artists there today. We definitely envision a piece in our home currently under construction. Simply beautiful art, hand made - something to look at and talk about. Glad that he's not too far away for us to make it happen!

David W, Anacortes, WA May 5, 2017  When I first saw your work many years ago it immediately stood out from 99% of other metal art because it was obvious, in a very good way, that what you do is done by hand, not by computer and clip art and a robot plasma cutter. There's a huge difference, artistically and aesthetically. Great job. 

Teresa, South Carolina August 27, 2016  of your work at the St. Charles Art Show last weekend, and had the opportunity to talk with you for a few minutes. We plan to build a retirement home in the next several years, and envision a piece of your art as a focal point in our eventual home. Your art and talent are quite impressive.

D. Cleveland, Cottonwood Heights, Utah  August 2, 2015  I saw your work at the kimball Arts Festival this past weekend in Park City, Utah. Simply beautiful!

Dave Ebert, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin  July 11, 2015  I saw your work for the first time today in Madison. I really like your work! Your craftsmanship is awesome!

K & S, Sedalia, CO  June 8, 2015   We loved the first piece that we purchased at a show so much, that we bought a second piece a week later. Ben's metal art is very unique and adds a new dimension to the room. "Striking" is how I would describe it! Ben - We hope that you have a great summer of shows. It was so great to meet you and we hope to catch you at another show.

 Jeanette Caleca, Dillon, Co 80435 December 8, 2014 We also have a home in Houston and seen one of your pieces at a friends home here. Fell in love with it and so very happy to hear you reside in Co as well. Definitely want one of your pieces for our mountain home!

Royal & Linda Bliss, Highlands Ranch  June 14, 2014  We enjoy looking at the four pieces that we have of yours hanging in our house everyday!!

Kathryn Fink, Grand Forks, ND  June 9, 2014  Your work is absolutely wonderful!

Sue, Indiana/Nederland  June 2, 2014  I bought the Aspen piece that won a prize at the Boulder Creek Fest 4-5 years ago and love it to this day. I light it up every single night.

Johnnie E. Johnson, Chicago,Illinois  February 19, 2014  Art Teacher, Chicago Public Schools.

34 years teaching with the CPS system. My wife Mila and I came across your work in a gallery in Wisconsin. Love your method of accomplishment with metal.

David Storck, McKinney, TX  November 9, 2013  Amazing work. Best to you!

M. SIrmons, Wellington / Wichita  September 14, 2013  Loved seeing your work at Bradley Fair Autumn and Art Fesitval. Stunning! Going to keep your card and hope to see your work again in the future.

Irene, Chicago, IL  June 9, 2013  Just returned from Old Town Art Fair. Ben, your booth was one of the very first I stopped at and I wish I had taken the time to let you know personally how much I admire your artwork. So beautiful and stunning!

Karen Anderson, Omaha, Nebraska  May 25, 2013  We are so happy with our 6'x3' 'Reborn' piece. It is beautiful on the wall above our sofa. Thank you for showing at the Rockbrook Art Fair in Omaha last summer.

Kelley McCurley, Larkspur March 13, 2013  Ben did the metal railing for our stairs, loft and some exterior railing. A truly beautiful and artistic addition to our home.

Don Doze, Wichita November 24, 2012Hey Ben, Just showing your art to a friend. Of course he was impressed!  

KC,  Wichita September 14, 2012  I really enjoyed your art tonight in Wichita. It takes an artist see things from your point of view, which from my perspective, is from the big picture and then edited down, instead of from a blank canvas, forward.

Wally Trepp, Tulsa, OK  August 13, 2012  Last week I was in Crested Butte, CO, and definitely enjoyed your display more than any other in the Festival, and they have quite an impressive list of artists attend ! Awesome !

Roxanne & Bob Thompson,  San Antonio, Texas June 19, 2012   Ben, Everyone who sees our piece is in awe! We just spotted what you did in Mountain Village in Telluride...amazing!

Sabine Becker-Pabst, Unadilla, NE  June 13, 2012  I saw your art work at the 'Omaha Arts Festival' a few days ago and was stunned. As a horticulturist and avid photographer, I'm amazed how you express nature's beauty in your metal objects. Your art work is an inspiration. Hope to see you again in the fall.

Kyle Ross, Walled Lake MI  June 11, 2012  I love your art

Denise Henkle, Summer arts Omaha, ne.  June 9, 2012  Your work is awesome.

Billie Bayles,  Prairie Village Kansas June 2, 2012 Your work is outstanding!

Susan Grammer,  Lakewood, CO May 7, 2012  Am proud of you & am honored to see a true artist.

Trish Humenansky-Laub, January 24, 2012 Benjamin, it took me 3 years to find you after first seeing your work. Now I will proudly display your work in my home. It is a pleasure to help you present your work on the web. .

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