About Me


My Background

The spark that started

The spark that started

Born in St. Paul, MN, we moved to Summit County, Colorado when I was 2 or 3. Growing up in such a place taught me two things, how to always taking time to appreciate the beauty that you're living within, then balancing that with hard work, the old saying 'you've gotta make hay when the sun shines.'  Fine Arts Summer shows where I can display my metal wall art are the new time when the sun is shining


The spark that started

The spark that started

The spark that started

I always had a love of building things, especially things out of metal. But it wasn't until I took a summer job building snowcat tracks at Copper Mountain when I could hang out some in a welding shop, which started my journey that I'm on now creating my metal wall art, and the journey into the fine arts; Thanks Joseph Littlehorse! You inspired me. 


My Inspiration

The spark that started

My Inspiration

I enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, rock climbing, 4wheeling, and on, (just get me outside in the mountains in my spare time); many of my pieces are directly influenced by these hikes in nature. I love recreating that feeling you get with large aspen trees towering above you through my work.

My Work


It starts with a drawing

For a long time; whenever I cut the metal it was cut/done/final- I have gotten better at welding - but I still draw out each original metal art piece full size before the cutting begins. 


Cutting with Plasma!

Plasma being the 4th state of matter is very, very hot. In this instance is used to remove unwanted material in my metal art; I have to be very careful of burns, fires, and warping metal. 



Each one gets the edges ground down, the front surface grinder polished and all the edges wire brushed to soften the sharp spots. metal art



My metal art has hint of dimension to bring a sculptural feel to the walls. Using patina (chemical reaction/oxidation) for color, my finishes bring my metal aspen trees into the relm of fine arts. metal wall art, copper trees. 


Patina'd and Sealed well

My metal wall art is colored still strictly with Patina, or chemical reaction. Constructed of steel, each piece is 'flash' plated with copper, and then darkened/colored by continuing that reaction; building layer on layer from that original copper patina. My metal art is then sealed in one of two ways. Either a clear powder coating, or a 2 part urethane (automotive clear coat). fine arts